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Consensus conference dsa 2019

This document contains resolutions for debate at the DSA Convention. hiring of the Conventions and Conferences Coordinator, the field The consensus around policing and incarceration in the US is both historically. New York, NY—July 17, —Today the Organ Procurement and MD, Co-​Chair of the NKF Consensus Conference to Decrease Kidney Discards, and Director of Kidney Identify “local backup” in local DSA for shared allocation of high.

Our platform, collectively drafted by our whole membership and benefitting from the shared wisdom of leading organizers from across the country, proposed a source here structural reforms and new initiatives that would place power in DSA directly in the hands of its membership.

We did this because, in our own words: DSA consensus conference dsa 2019 nothing without its membership, and we cannot imagine shared ownership of society without a shared sense of ownership in our own organization.

Our vision of democracy encompasses more than periodic election of representatives. Members need detailed information about the activities and upcoming decisions of the organization and should have access to mechanisms for affecting those decisions.

Though we consensus conference dsa 2019 share the goal of socialism, we https://catalog-show.ru/2019/bitcoin-price-prediction-2019-graph.html not all share the same path to that goal. We believe in building a culture and network of trust and accountability in order to empower our members to embark on ambitious and sometimes untested paths.

When we learn from one another and support one another as we develop independent projects, we strengthen our political education, we strengthen our https://catalog-show.ru/2019/mineable-coins-2019.html, and we strengthen our unity and solidarity.

Learning outcomes

Consensus conference dsa 2019 platform was the first serious attempt to lay out a reform programme for the Convention. Its proposals ranged from structural changes to the NPC, National Consensus conference dsa 2019 Groups, and other dysfunctional bodies to the creation of new and useful initiatives such as conflict resolution programs, organizing training materials, and new staff positions.

Above all, it yes mainprize lake many to create an organization capable of executing upon our dual power strategy for achieving socialism in our time.

From the beginning, our intention was not only to spark the imagination of rank-and-file organizers across the country, but to work with them in refining and building up our proposals: If this platform or any part of it resonates with you, we want your help refining these proposals and passing them at convention.

Each of the planks of this platform needs careful drafting and revision of a formal proposal. We will need to work in close collaboration with others outside the caucus to build consensus, and to ensure the proposals we bring to convention reflect that consensus.

As proud as we are of our work, we knew even at the time that the better part of our labor lay ahead of us. In the end the proposed platform was just that: a series of suggestions. To turn them into fully fleshed-out policies and put them consensus conference dsa 2019 as items taken up by the Convention would take months.

And so, with the pragmatic and hopeful spirit of comrades, we set to work. We established a Convention Working Group to coordinate our preparatory activities and remobilized our Publicity, Propaganda, and Publishing PPP Working Group to produce new pamphlets that would explain our collective and individual positions to the rank and file.

We drafted complete, actionable proposals for as many of our platform planks as was practicable, prioritizing the ones that were most urgent to the organization.

First, we approved them through our internal consensus process. Today we can announce that nearly every LSC-endorsed resolution or amendment secured its required signatures and qualified for the Convention.

We advocated for our platform, tried to find points of unity, and coordinated Convention preparations where possible.

We actively publicized the platform at each stage of its development, seeking and in many cases receiving endorsements and support for our ideas from rank-and-file organizers, chapter leaders, locals, working groups, and caucuses nationwide.

We mobilized throughout the process of electing delegates, encouraging the candidacy of organizers who supported our platform, soliciting support from existing candidates, advocating for our positions in our locals, and tracking delegate elections and subsequent delegate support for democratic reforms across consensus conference dsa 2019 country.

We created beautiful, informative, and inspiring materials to distribute online and at the Convention itself, in the hopes that these could make consensus conference dsa 2019 vision of DSA as a radically democratic socialist organization real for its members.

We wrote, designed, printed, and prepared to distribute hundreds of new pamphlets, several of them freshly assembled for the Convention.

We investigated, interviewed, and endorsed four candidates for the NPC, in the double money in 24 hours 2019 that libertarian socialist voices might be able to affect change in its activities short of reforming it structurally or abolishing it.

What follows is the complete and finalized platform of the Libertarian Socialist Caucus for the Convention. We are infinitely grateful to the efforts of pi currency socialists from all corners of the DSA -- inside and outside our own Caucus -- without which this incredible display of the power of direct democracy would not have been possible.

A complete listing of all items up for debate at the Convention, with their full descriptions, can be found here for amendments and here for resolutions. Underlined means a proposal developed outside of the platform and endorsed by the Caucus.

All quotes are from the official amendments document. CB, 1: A Binding National Referendum Creates a process by which the membership can make decisions through direct voting.

Between conventions, the membership may direct the organization by Referendum. The mechanism for petitioning for and voting in Referenda shall be established in the Bylaws. Only a Referendum may override a resolution of the Convention.

A Referendum may establish policy, and may override decisions of the National Political Committee or bind the NPC to any action permitted by the Constitution, Bylaws, and applicable laws. Any office elected at the Convention may be vacated by Referendum.

It was intended as a practical body to get things done, but in the most recent interval has been used to consolidate factional power and make decisions without oversight from membership The three key roles of the Steering Committee are to develop agendas for consensus conference dsa 2019 NPC meetings, to coordinate efforts of staff and committees, and to make decisions consensus conference dsa 2019 quarterly NPC meetings.

This amendment splits these responsibilities. It creates a new Agenda Committee, to handle planning regular NPC meetings, it creates a new Administrative Committee to handle coordinating committees and staff, and, because it does not grant the power to make policy decisions to any other body, bitcoin cash 2019 predictions requires that these major decisions be either explicitly delegated to a committee, or handled by the NPC itself.

CB, consensus conference dsa 2019 Greater Chapter Democracy Requirements Requires chapters to amend bylaws to ensure democratic processes and notification of members of decisions.

The provisions of this amendment have been informed by experience, where in certain locals, groups that gained their office go here when the local was still see more have taken advantage of local structures to maintain their incumbency.

While no amendment or resolution can be a panacea, these provisions will provide members with greater assurances that when they join DSA, they will be able to participate in a truly democratic organization, even if they disagree with the leadership of their local.

Transparency is a fundamental principle of democratic process, and socialism requires a democratic process in order to truly bring power to the people While members are permitted to attend NPC meetings, there is often little indication what will be discussed.

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Members 2019 south africa card bitcoin debit be notified in advance of planned decisions, so that we can provide feedback to the NPC before consensus conference dsa 2019 decisions are made. This is achieved by making the SC one quarter of membership of the NPC and rotating the SC membership every six months with randomly assigned terms determined at the Convention through a lottery.

Socialist politics stand to consensus conference dsa 2019 those in our society experiencing the most difficult material conditions Democracy and solidarity demand that those most affected by a decision should be involved in decision-making Our own material conditions impact our decision-making, and members should understand the material conditions of those they are electing to lead them There are currently no guarantees that a reasonable representation of regions will be elected by Conventions e.

Whereas a larger NPC will allow the consensus conference dsa 2019 to better represent the membership in decision making between national conventions and enhance internal democracy in the organization We cannot successfully advocate for democratic socialism in this country without practicing democracy within our organization.

The ability to recall elected leaders is a fundamental principle of a just and participatory democracy. CB, Assembly of Locals Replaces national leadership with an assembly body consensus conference dsa 2019 of representatives from locals.

As socialists we should be ambitious. We must develop radical democracy by practicing it. This amendment restructures National to redistribute power to the locals. A new body, the Assembly of Locals, becomes the center for political decision-making, with representatives elected by each chapter, leaving the Consensus conference dsa 2019 now simply called the Board to focus on https://catalog-show.ru/2019/bitcoin-price-history-graph-2019.html fiduciary and administrative duties.

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CB, Local Jurisdiction Creates guidelines for when new chapters seek to form from existing ones.

CB, Improving At-Large Representation Creates a process by which at-large delegates are apportioned for conventions. Underlined means a proposal developed outside the Consensus conference dsa 2019 and endorsed by it. All quotes consensus conference dsa 2019 from the official resolutions document.

R, 1: Police Exclusion for Chapter Bylaws Forbids the withholding of a chapter charter based on the chapter excluding law enforcement officers from membership.

Whereas, law enforcement agencies operate to consensus conference dsa 2019 the interests of capitalist institutions and to suppress organized dissent against their control of American society; and Whereas, oppressed groups with whom DSA seeks to organize such as people of color, the homeless and sex workers have immediate reasons to be afraid of the police and uncomfortable in their presence R, 5: Here of Immigrants and Refugees Supports radical action around immigration and freedom of movement as well as harm-reduction.

R, 7: Create a Conflict Resolution Training Program for DSA Creates such a program to support organizers' continued work, especially for conflicts that do not rise to the level of a grievance.

R, Disallow Usage Of Membership Consensus conference dsa 2019 For Marketing Purposes Makes sure marketing for paid products such as magazine subscriptions is strictly forbidden in internal official communications R, No Title or Privilege for Donors Prevents special treatment of members based on donation amount.

Such recordings and transcriptions shall be made available to DSA membership within 7 days of the meeting, along with any documents used during the meeting. R, Regular Membership Reports Article source the national office to release regular updates on membership numbers.

DSA staff shall, beginning in Septembermake available to members a monthly membership report that contains: The number of members in total and for each local, The number of members in good standing, in total and click to see more each local, The number of new member sign ups in total in the previous month.

R, National Organizing Manual Creates a program by which the national office will prepare and release a manual to help chapters and OCs learn how to organize. DSA is committed to multi-tendency organizing and embracing a spectrum of leftist thought and organizing spaces for people of every identity, but there are no guarantees that the National Office or chapter leaderships will allow individual caucuses to organize.

Course contents

Currently, there is little opportunity for NPC members to get a clear https://catalog-show.ru/2019/ethereum-predictions-june-2019.html full picture of the will of the membership on issues discussed at said meetings, Getting a better picture of the please click for source of the membership will better align the NPC with the views and opinions of its constituent members.

R, Local Dues Autonomy Allows members to join DSA or pay dues through their chapter, indicating the proportion of dues to go to national and local. When paying dues through the national website, members shall have the option to allocate money to their local, consensus conference dsa 2019 such local is able to consensus conference dsa 2019 the funds.

R, Childcare Fight for parental leave, implement childwatch in chapters and strengthen childwatch where already implemented. R, Prioritizing Financial Solidarity Make Convention affordable for all members by minimizing out-of-pocket expenses.

National DSA shall not charge a registration fee for the National Convention, and shall offer to pay, with no upfront cost to delegates, for consensus conference dsa 2019 and lodging for every delegate to the National Convention. R, Fight for Abortion Access Make repeal of the Hyde Amendment a litmus test for endorsees, fight for abortion access in general and in M4A efforts, among other items.

R, Ecosocialism as a Guiding Principle Prioritize ecosocialist goals as intersections with open borders, community control of energy, food justice, and environmental racism.

R, Convention Reforms Requires elections to Convention Committee and subcommittees, provides a partial schedule for Consensus conference dsa 2019.

R, Organizing the Unorganized Encourages the rank-and-file strategy and DSA members' organizing within their labor unions. R, Supporting Workers Organizing in Electoral Campaigns Organize political campaign workers, litmus test of having a unionized campaign consensus conference dsa 2019 any endorsees.

consensus conference dsa 2019

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R, Standardize Accountability Implements new Standard New Local Constitution for forming Chapters, requires that charter decisions not depend on requirements outside of the National Constitution and Bylaws. Consensus conference dsa 2019 say hi if you see me on the convention floor!

The NPC must be open and available to members, solicit and accept feedback, and share mining 2019 legit sites frequently and promptly. We must acknowledge our mistakes, and commit to avoid consensus conference dsa 2019 them again all power to the locals: chapters are where praxis happens and power is built.

The NPC must empower them to do this work, to experiment with different approaches and techniques, to learn what works and fix what doesn't.

All locals need equal access to resources and support, and an NPC that recognizes that socialism cannot be attained through a one-size-fits-all approach. We continued our work together and formed the DSAA Sample Bylaws, which have been in use and endorsed by several chapters and groups in the year or so since we completed them.

We have remained steadfast in our dedication to consensus conference dsa 2019, democracy, and accountability. I am running consensus conference dsa 2019 NPC for four main reasons: Radical Transparency: I believe that a healthy and functioning democratic organization starts with transparency.

In order for our highest governing body - our fellow members - to make decisions in the best interest of our organization, we must ensure that we are operating in a fully transparent manner at every level of the organization. Radical Accountability: I believe that without sound accountability consensus conference dsa 2019 in place, our organization cannot function in the best interest of our members.

Radical Attentiveness: I believe that we cannot rely consensus conference dsa 2019 on consensus conference dsa 2019 own experiences and knowledge to guide ourselves and our organization. I want read more ensure that we as an organization together are actively listening and attending to the needs of members who are marginalized, oppressed, and suffering.

I want to ensure that as an ecosocialist organization, we are attentive to the needs of our planet and those who will surely suffer and are suffering due to climate change. Radical Connections: I believe that members must have a space to communicate and connect with other members, whether digitally or physically.

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