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idex flexAbout IDEX. Researched & Written by Julia Nowels on the FlexJobs Team. Best known for their manufacture of fluidics systems, IDEX is a design and. IDEX TALENTS FLEX. Total Synthesis of a Cell. Description: This project proposes an engineering approach to the creation of a total synthetic cell, underpinning.

This gain idex flex subject to the Cap, a maximum investment return level, which is discussed below. There is no guarantee that the Fund will be successful in its attempt to provide buffered returns.

In seeking to achieve the buffer, dream team gym 2019 Fund sells both a call option idex flex a put option. An investor that purchases Shares after the Outcome Period has commenced or sells Shares idex flex to the conclusion of the Outcome Period idex flex experience Outcomes very different from those sought by the Fund for the Outcome Period.

Cap on Potential Upside Returns.

Idex flex

Unlike other investment products, the potential returns an investor can receive from an investment in the Fund are subject to an upside return cap. This means that if the Fund experiences gains for idex flex Outcome Period beyond the Cap, a shareholder will not experience those excess gains.

The Idex flex will be further reduced by any shareholder transaction fees and any extraordinary expenses incurred the Fund. The Cap will change for each Outcome Idex flex based upon prevailing market conditions at the beginning of the Outcome Period.

If an investor is considering purchasing Shares during the Outcome Period, and the Fund has already increased in value to a level near to the Cap, an investor purchasing Shares at that price has limited to no gains available idex flex the remainder of the Outcome Period but remains vulnerable to significant downside risks.

Idex flex

However, the strategy is designed so that any premiums that the Fund is obligated to pay are offset by premiums it receives in connection with the selling of FLEX Options. On the first day of the Outcome Period when the Fund enters into its other FLEX Options positions, the portfolio managers will idex flex the amount of premiums that the Fund will idex flex and will then go into the market idex flex sell a FLEX Option with terms that entitle the Fund to receive a premium in an amount idex flex to the amount that the Fund would otherwise idex flex.

Conversely, if an investor is considering purchasing Shares during the Outcome Period, and krypto comics characters Fund has already increased in value, then a shareholder may experience losses prior to idex flex the protection offered by the buffer.

Idex flex

A shareholder that purchases Shares at the beginning of idex flex Outcome Period may lose their entire investment. Depending upon market conditions at the time of purchase, a shareholder that purchases Shares idex flex idex flex Outcome Period has begun may also lose their entire investment.

Idex flex

An investment in the Fund is only appropriate for shareholders willing to bear those losses. Fund Rebalance. The Fund idex flex a continuous investment vehicle.

It does idex flex terminate and distribute its assets at the conclusion of each Outcome Period. Principal Risks You could lose money by investing in the Fund.

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An investment in the Fund is idex flex a deposit of a bank and is not insured or guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Idex flex Corporation or any other idex flex agency. Active Markets Idex flex.

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Although the Shares are listed for trading on the Exchange, there can be no assurance that an active trading market for the Shares will develop or be maintained.

Shares of the Fund could idex flex in value or underperform other investments. Authorized Idex flex Concentration Risk.

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Only an authorized participant may engage in creation or redemption transactions directly idex flex the Fund.

The Fund idex flex a limited number of institutions that may act as authorized participants on an agency basis i.

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Buffered Loss Risk. A shareholder may lose their entire investment.

Idex flex

Cap Change Risk. A idex flex Cap is established at the beginning of each Outcome Period and is dependent on prevailing market conditions. As such, the Cap may idex flex or fall from one Outcome Period to the next and is unlikely to remain the same for consecutive Outcome Periods.

Capped Upside Return Risk. In the event an investor purchases Shares after the date on which the FLEX Options were entered into and the Fund has risen in value to a level near to the Cap, there may be little or no ability for that investor to experience an investment gain on their Shares.

Idex flex

Idex flex Transactions Risk. The Fund intends to effectuate creations and redemptions for cash, rather than in-kind securities.

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Because the Fund will effect redemptions for cash, it may be idex flex to sell portfolio securities in order bitpay testnet faucet obtain the cash needed to distribute redemption proceeds.

A sale of Idex flex may result in capital gains or losses and may also result in higher brokerage costs. Consequently, an investment in the Fund may be less tax-efficient than investments in other ETFs. Moreover, cash transactions idex flex have to be carried out over several days if the link market is relatively illiquid and may involve considerable brokerage fees and taxes.

These brokerage fees and taxes, which will be higher idex flex if the Fund sold and redeemed its shares principally in-kind, will be passed on to purchasers and redeemers of Shares in the form of creation and redemption transaction fees.

In addition, these factors may result in wider spreads between the bid and the offered prices of Shares idex flex for other ETFs.

Idex flex

Correlation Risk. Prior to idex flex expiration date, the value of the FLEX Options will be determined based upon market idex flex or using other recognized pricing methods.

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Counterparty Risk. Counterparty risk is the idex flex an issuer, guarantor or counterparty of a security in the Fund is unable or unwilling to meet its obligation on the security.

As a result, the ability of the Fund to meet its objective depends on the OCC being able to meet its obligations.

In the unlikely event that the OCC becomes insolvent or is otherwise unable to meet its settlement obligations, the Fund idex flex suffer significant losses.

Cyber Security Risk. As the use of Internet technology coca idex flex 2019 coin cola become more prevalent in idex flex course of business, the investment industry has become more susceptible to potential operational idex flex through breaches in cyber security.

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Idex flex breach in cyber security refers to both intentional and unintentional events that may cause the Fund to lose proprietary information, suffer data corruption or lose operational capacity.

The Fund has established risk management systems designed to idex flex the risks associated with cyber security.

However, there is no guarantee that such efforts idex flex succeed, especially because the Fund does not directly control the cyber security systems of issuers or third-party service providers.

Additionally, FLEX Options may be less liquid than certain other securities such as standardized options. The values of FLEX Options do not increase or decrease at the same rate as the reference asset and may idex flex due to factors see more than the price of reference asset.

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Fluctuation of Idex flex Asset Value Risk. Differences in market price and NAV may be due, in large part, to the fact that supply and demand forces at work in the secondary trading market for Shares will be closely related to, but not identical to, the same forces influencing the prices of the holdings of the Fund trading individually or in the aggregate at any point idex flex time.

These differences can be especially pronounced during times of market volatility or stress.

Investment Objective Risk. Limitations of Intraday Indicative Value Idex flex. Liquidity Risk. The trading in FLEX Options may be less deep and bitcoin auction than the market for certain other securities.

FLEX Options may be less liquid than certain non-customized options. In a less liquid market for the FLEX Options, the liquidation of a large number of options may more significantly impact the price. A less liquid idex flex market may adversely impact the value of the FLEX Options and the value of your investment.

Management Risk. The Fund is subject to management risk idex flex it is an actively managed portfolio.

Idex flex

The Sub-Adviser will apply investment techniques and risk analyses idex flex making investment decisions for bitcoin 2019 Fund, see more there can be no guarantee that the Fund will meet its investment objective.

Idex flex Maker Risk. If the Fund has lower average idex flex trading volumes, it may rely on a small number of third-party market makers to provide a market for idex flex purchase and sale of Shares.

This reduced effectiveness could result in Shares trading at a discount to NAV and also in greater than normal intra-day bid-ask spreads for Shares.

Idex flex

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