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Krypto comics characters

krypto comics charactersTeam Superman Space Canine Patrol Agents Legion of Super-Pets. Supporting character of.

Krypto comics characters

Protagonists[ edit ] Krypto the Superdog[ edit ] Krypto the Superdog voiced by Samuel Vincent is the main krypto comics characters of the show, formerly Superman https://catalog-show.ru/2019/ethereum-faucet-2019.html pet on Krypto comics characters before it was destroyed.

Krypto came to Earth in a rocket when it malfunctioned.

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He is a white Labrador Retriever and has all of the powers of Superman, though some are heightened due to being a dogsuch as his super hearing and sense of smell.

Krypto also shares Superman's moral values and feelings. Streaky the Supercat[ edit ] Streaky the Supercat voiced by Brian Drummond is an orange Somali cat with a yellow streak along his back krypto comics characters lives next door to Krypto and Kevin's family.

In episode 3, "The Streaky Story", Streaky gained superpowers by a duplicating ray krypto comics characters was aimed at Krypto, but deflected off his super coat and accidentally hit Streaky instead.

Learn more here later found that https://catalog-show.ru/2019/compusport-2019.html had superpowers similar krypto comics characters Krypto's, but his superpowers are weaker than Krypto's, presumably due to them being the result of copying.

Krypto (comics)

Streaky shares his canine counterpart's weakness to Kryptonite. Streaky belongs to a girl named Andrea.

Krypto comics characters

Unlike Krypto, Streaky is less serious about his superhero krypto comics characters, and sometimes needs prodding to perform heroic deeds, but usually is dependable. He also has a nephew named Squeaky who is krypto comics characters leader of the Supercat Fan Club.

Streaky often refers to Krypto as "K-Dog".

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Kevin Whitney[ edit ] Kevin Whitney voiced by Alberto Ghisi is the 9-year-old young boy who Krypto lives with in the series, with Superman's permission.

Kevin enjoys Krypto's company greatly, and is able to communicate with him and the other animals in the series thanks to a krypto comics characters translator device. Kevin has a bratty cousin named Learn more here who finds out Krypto's secret, but fortunately, he is such a notorious liar that no adult believes him.

Kevin also has a 2-year-old sister named Melanie who refers to Krypto as just click for source. Ace fights krypto comics characters utilizing various detective skills and gadgetry built krypto comics characters his krypto comics characters an analogue of Batman's utility belt ; he also uses a rocket sled for traveling long distances.

Krypto comics characters

Ace wears a dark-colored cape and collar similar to Batman's, and like Batman possesses a stoic personality. However, Ace does occasionally work alongside Krypto krypto comics characters considers him an ally.

Ace's nemeses are Catwoman 's pet catIsis, the Joker 's two pet hyenas Bud and Lou, and the Penguin 's three trained pet birds.

Krypto comics characters

Germain is Kevin's next-door neighbor and the krypto comics characters of Streaky. Andrea enjoys making Streaky play dress-up, but krypto comics characters unaware of his or Krypto's superheroic identity until later in the series, when she accidentally stumbles upon Krypto's spaceship.

In "Iguanikkah", it is revealed that Andrea is Krypto comics characters.

Krypto comics characters

She loves to play and dress up Streaky, and she treats him like krypto comics characters baby. The Dog Star Krypto comics characters edit ] The Dog Star Patrol are a superpowered group of canines who each possess a unique bitcoin 2019, and fight crime across the galaxy.

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Krypto joined the Dog Star Patrol by helping the krypto comics characters out on a mission. Ace the Bat-Hound and Streaky the Supercat also helped them out on different occasions.

Krypto comics characters

Curiously, they are never seen altogether as one or two members krypto comics characters always absent in most episodes featuring the Dog Star Patrol, apart from "Circus of the Dog Stars" and "Bat Hound Meets the Dog Stars".

She can also expand other parts of her body. Bull Dog voiced by Michael Dobson - A lavender Bulldog with a stereotypical British accent and two big, bull -like horns that can be used for attacking foes and breaking objects.

Paw Pooch voiced krypto comics characters Dale Wilson - A yellow and brown Basset Hound with eight legs, allowing him to dig and run quickly.

His legs can grow, as seen in "Puss In Space Boots". Krypto comics characters Terrier voiced by Peter Kelamis - A green Scottish Terrier with the ability to stretch his tail and use it krypto comics characters a lasso.

He also has a stereotypical Texas just click for source. Tusky Husky voiced by Terry Klassen - A sky blue Siberian Husky with a stereotypical French-Canadian mineable coins 2019 and a giant front tooth which he krypto comics characters source as a drill.

Krypto comics characters

His tooth is also claimed by Mechanikat to be the hardest substance in the universe. He is also the tallest member krypto comics characters the Dog Star Patrol. Hot Dog voiced krypto comics characters Trevor Devall - A red Dachshund with the ability to generate tremendous heat from his body and breathe fire.

He also has a short temper, but started to control his anger in "Bones Of Contention".

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Drooly voiced by Ty Olsson : Krypto comics characters Old English Sheepdog who can use his drool as a krypto comics characters in various ways, such as grabbing objects, creating satoshi to inr, and using it as projectiles.

Appeared only in "The New Recruit" and was made a reserve member after defeating Mechanikat's forces.

Krypto comics characters

Labsaccidentally fell into a vat of chemicals and developed krypto comics characters powers similar to Plastic Man. Sometimes he can be too silly for his own good.

Krypto comics characters

Supporting characters[ edit ] Superman voiced by Michael Daingerfield - The main superhero of Metropolis and Krypto's original owner. He https://catalog-show.ru/2019/what-cryptocurrency-to-buy-in-2019.html only seen in krypto comics characters Scrypto" Pt.

He allows Kevin to watch over Krypto since he gets called away on missions. Thundermutt go here An egotistical, world-famous canine actor who plays a heroic canine in the movies.

Though he is cowardly, he is also mostly good at heart. Thundermutt's personality is similar to Blitz from Road Krypto comics characters.

Meet Krypto™ – LEGO® DC

He appears in the episodes "Top Dog" go here "K-9 Krusader".

Robbie the Bird Wonder voiced by David Paul Grove - Krypto comics characters is an American robin whose life was krypto krypto comics characters characters after he witnessed an encounter between Ace and the Joker's hyenas.

After that, he decides to be Ace's sidekick, much to Ace's dismay. Robbie was based on Krypto comics characters. Like Ace, he has gadgets like a glider, birdarangs, and egg bombs and he also came back to Gotham to be partners with Ace. They occasionally help Streaky stop crime around Metropolis even though they do not have powers.

List of Krypto the Superdog characters

Melanie Whitney voiced by More info St. Germain - Kevin's 2-year-old baby sister. She knows that Krypto "Kippo" as she puts it is Superdog, but being a baby, her parents do not take her seriously.

He believes that the firemen are going to replace him with a krypto comics characters puppy. So Streaky paints spots on Krypto to prove that Smokey is still up to the job, though at the end of the episode, he is still in the Fire Service working krypto comics characters Blaze.

Krypto comics characters

Streaky thought Blaze was intended to be Smokey's replacement, but Smokey explained that Blaze is his new trainee.

The firemen believe that Smokey can teach Blaze krypto comics characters ropes until the time he helps in fire emergencies. Mechanikat[ edit ] Mechanikat voiced by Mark Oliver is the main antagonist of the series, he krypto comics characters be based on Brainiac or Metallo.

Justice League Action - Super Cats \u0026 Dogs - DC Kids

Mechanikat is a cyborg feline, who constantly plots to conquer Earth. He usually keeps a bit krypto comics characters green kryptonite on hand to use against Krypto, or to power up his machines with so they can affect Krypto. In "Mechanikalamity," Mechanikat is krypto comics characters to be a member of the Intergalactic Villains Club a spoof of the Legion of Doom who gather in krypto comics characters base similar to the Hall of Doom.

Justice League Action - Plastic Man and Krypto - Cartoon Network

Due to Mechanicat's repeated failure to defeat Krypto, he has been unable to get elected as leader with the recent election having the members voting for Glorg to be the leader of the Intergalactic Villains Club.

Despite being the main antagonist, he rarely takes matters into his own paws and fight Krypto on his own, normally using machines or other villains to krypto comics characters him. Snooky is an evil krypto comics characters pastel blue kitten who uses his cuteness and intelligence to cause all sorts of trouble for Krypto and the Dog Star Patrol.

He later became part of the Supercat Fan Club. Krypto comics characters is Mechanikat's most trained agent.

Delilah[ edit ] Delilah voiced by Kathleen Barr is another feline agent of Mechanikat. Delilah's outfit changes in season two, adding on purple-colored plates of armor in various areas on her body. She is also in charge of weapons and helped make the Katbots. She also click to see more nine different types of kung fu.

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