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Yobit api rate limit

yobit api rate limitAnd what are the limits for sending request to yobit api? to make multiple requests with the maximum number of pairs possible per request. If it not available then try this: Add it to composer repositories: "repositories": [ # { "type": "vcs", "url": "https://git@catalog-show.ru" }.

The "T" separates the date from the time.

Yobit api rate limit

The trailing "Z" indicates UTC time. Output All timestamps yobit api rate limit returned as millisecond Unix timestamps the number of milliseconds link since For metadata fields, times are also returned in millisecond-resolution ISO datetime strings in the same format as input for convenience.

Yobit api rate limit

Data Dictionary Kaiko's Data Dictionary includes schemas, methodologies, data samples, yobit api rate limit additional information about all data types we provide and the delivery channels they are accessible yobit api rate limit.

You can access the Data Dictionary here.

Yobit api rate limit

Market open and close Yobit api rate limit asset exchanges operate approximately 24x7x For daily aggregated data, the opening price is calculated as the first yobit api rate limit at or after UTC. The closing price is calculated as the last trade prior to UTC.

We researched every single exchange that we cover to yobit api rate limit from which perspective they report trade direction.

Yobit api rate limit

Thus, it is possible to create a single binary variable that yobit api rate limit whether a taker was on the sell side or buy side of a transaction, no matter from which perspective an exchange reports yobit api rate limit direction. If an exchange does not appear below, yobit api rate limit can yobit api rate limit assumed that all data we provide is normalized correctly.

Yobit api rate limit

This is necessary so that researchers who want to further study trade direction can make their own conclusions. For exchanges that classify trade yobit api rate limit differently or exclude the field entirely, we also include the notation mapping and a more info explanation for how their variable differs.


Rather than switch our trade reporting after years of data collection, we have simply marked exchanges where the yobit api rate limit api rate limit of the notation stated should be applied. Yobit api rate limit read an in-depth explanation of this variable, read our post here.

The two variables are the same, and simply have different names due to legacy formatting.

Yobit api rate limit

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