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Kickstarter games july 2020

kickstarter games july 2020This list is for Kickstarter projects in the Tabletop Games category that were started in the second half of (July through December). Oh who am I kidding, nobody showed up to that sh*t. Best Kickstarter Board Games of June/July. Pitch&Plakks Mini Golf.

Publisher: Cephalofair Games Designer: Isaac Childres Tabletop games made more money on Kickstarter during the first half of than ever before, with the record-breaking success of Gloomhaven sequel Frosthaven leading to their biggest-ever single month on the crowdfunding platform.

Kickstarter games july 2020

The impressive achievement comes despite an overall drop-off in the number of projects being launched and successfully funded on the site during the first half of as the result of the COVID pandemic, a new report from analyst ICO Partners suggests. ICO CEO Thomas Kickstarter games july 2020 observed that the total number of projects launched on Kickstarter in any category saw a steep decline bitcoin challenge 2020 March, with 2, projects launched in compared to 3.

According to Bidaux, the total number kickstarter games july 2020 Kickstarter projects is at its lowest figure since Kickstarter games july 2020 first half of was record breaking for tabletop kickstarter games july 2020 on Kickstarter - and that's with the covid19 kickstarter games july 2020 slowing down the number of projects This follows a kickstarter games july 2020 strong start towith the number of funded projects up more than a fifth in February compared to ; kickstarter games july 2020 total of 1, projects met their target, versus 1, last year.

Kickstarter games july 2020

The games category - which includes both tabletop projects and video games - saw a less harsh drop between March and June than Kickstarter as a whole. There were more projects launched last month than in Junekickstarter games july 2020 similar jumps in January and February.

February saw a particularly significant leap, up to projects from in The tabletop games category reflected Kickstarter as a whole, with crowdfunded projects raising more money during the start of this year than the same period in Kickstarter games july 2020 amount of money raised - despite the lower kickstarter games july 2020 of projects made the first half the second-best six-month period for the site as a whole, after the record-breaking end to go here

Kickstarter games july 2020

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