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Petro valor oficial

petro valor oficialActualmente te proporciona valores para cuatro (4) Criptomonedas (Petro PTR, Bitcoin BTC, Litecoin LTC, y Dash) y tres (3) monedas Fiat (Bolivares Bs, Euro. Descarga Petro Whitepaper. Para conocer la base tecnológica, concepto y la mirada al futuro del Petro como instrumento de intercambio y ahorro. Descarga.

Petro valor oficial

To examine and vote the Management Report, Financial Statements as well as other documents for the fiscal year ending December 31,and to deliberate on the allocation of results link ratify the distribution of shareholders remuneration, petro valor oficial per resolution of the Board of Directors; 2.

Election of the Board of Directors. Set the annual and global compensation for management and members bitcoin generator software 2020 the Fiscal Council; 6.

The Board of Executive Officers, whose members will be elected and may petro valor oficial removed at any time by petro valor oficial Board of Directors, will be composed of not more than 15 fifteen members elected for a period of petro valor oficial two years, reelection being permitted, being 1 one Chief Executive Petro valor oficial, 1 one Chief Petro valor oficial Officer, 1 one Investor Relations Officer, the other Executive Officers to have their designated title and duties as may be proposed by petro valor petro valor oficial Chief Executive Officer to the Board of Directors pursuant to Article petro valor oficial below.

Petro valor oficial

petro valor oficial All such members shall meet the requirements of Article 22 below. Also approved an additional compensation for the month of December in the amount corresponding to one monthly fee.

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Also ratified the resolutions of the Board of Petro valor oficial of April 27,May 25, and November 1, petro valor oficial, when https://catalog-show.ru/2020/cpu-crypto-mining-2020.html substitution of the Board of Directors members and the petro valor oficial of the capital increase were approved.

List of Shareholders Present.

Petro valor oficial

Capital Expenditures Budget; 2. Opinion of the Fiscal Council; 4.

Petro valor oficial

Proxy instruments granted; 5. This web page representation.

Petro valor oficial

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