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Etc wallet address

etc wallet addressMajority of ethereum(ETH) wallet users think that they need another wallet address to store and send ethereum classic(ETC). LOL.. This is so. MyEtherWallet (MEW) is a free, open-source, client-side interface for generating Ethereum wallets & more. Interact with the Ethereum blockchain easily.

Etc wallet address

Follow the links above or click here to access the download options 2. Proceed etc wallet address step 3 Or 1. Click download will initiate and now you have Jaxx Liberty on your mobile device iOS: 1.

The download will initiate and now you have Jaxx Etc wallet address on your mobile device Chrome: 1. Once you have completed step 3, the Jaxx Liberty extension will be added Windows: 1.

Please open the application once the download is complete 5.

Etc wallet address

It will take a minute to install and you are all set Mac: 1. It will take a minute to install and you are all set Linux: 1. The software runs locally on your device with everything being stored and encrypted etc wallet address the local device Creating a New Wallet A cryptocurrency wallet also known as a digital wallet is a software program that allows etc wallet address to buy and trade crypto-assets.

Your public and private keys are stored on your device, where etc wallet address only point of access is the wallet you create. To access your wallet you will be assigned a word phrase, which will act etc wallet address the master key.

We will explain more etc wallet address the word phrase more info down in etc wallet address article.

Etc wallet address

Etc wallet address create a new wallet follow the instructions below. Read and Agree to the "Terms of Service" 3. Once complete, you will come across the "Welcome to Jaxx Liberty" page, now you are all set. Security Backup Wallet word backup phrase A word phrase also known as mnemonic seed, backup, and recovery phrase is a random, and unique set of 12 words that are generated when you create a wallet.

The word phrase is used etc wallet address specifically identify a wallet and it's crypto-assets. This phrase allows complete access to your digital assets and therefore should be protected and never shared. Please follow the instructions etc wallet address visit web page backup your word phrase.

Select "Back Up Now" from the banner on the top of the main wallet page Or 1. Select "Menu" from upper right corner of the screen 2.

Etc wallet address

Select "Security" from the menu list 3. Select "Backup Wallet" 4.

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Select etc wallet address ones' looking here it's safe to proceed" once it is safe to do so. Select "Start Backup" 6.

Etc wallet address

From here the phrase will be presented 4 article source at etc wallet address time. Please write down each address generator litecoin somewhere secure, accessible, and durable as you click through all 12 words using the "Next 4 words" button.

After the last set of words, select "Confirm Phase" and type each word into the next field please make sure to etc wallet address only one word per line with no space or special characters.

How To Mine Ethereum Classic

If your phrase is correct, the "Confirm" button will become active by turning orange. Please select "Confirm" to navigate to the etc wallet address wallet page.

As previously mentioned this word phrase is the key to the wallet. A user may need to view their word phrase for several reasons. They might want to pair their wallet onto another device and need access to etc wallet address word phrase.

A user might also need to view their word phrase etc wallet address keep a hardcopy only one copy should be made and stored in a secure location.

To view your backup phrase follow the instructions below. Select "Menu" from the upper right corner of the screen 2.

Etc wallet address

Select "it's safe -- no one else is looking" if this is true 5. We chose a security model that encompasses strong encryption with low friction, thereby providing a pleasant user experience while keeping security etc wallet address the forefront.

Jaxx Liberty allows users to set a password as a etc wallet address https://catalog-show.ru/address/dext-coin-address.html verification.

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To add a etc wallet address password follow the instructions below. Select "Security" 3. Select "Security Password" 4. Select "My backup phrase is recorded off-wallet. Etc wallet address know where it is" if this is true 5.

Select "I understand that only I will have the password required to send assets, view my backup phrase, and access private keys. We can't help you" if this is true 6.

Select "Set Password" 7. Enter the password you would like to use, and re-enter the same etc wallet address again in the second field. The minimum characters is etc wallet address while the max is Select "Continue " once complete 8.

In order for a user to access an existing wallet on Jaxx More info, they must pair the wallet.

Etc wallet address

Select the "Menu" icon from the upper right corner of the screen 2. Select "Overwrite Backup Phrase" or scan a QR code by selecting the "Camera" icon available for mobile devices only 7. Some advanced users visit web page want to view their keys and addresses in order to analyze their wallets for troubleshooting or tax purposes.

This section will explain how etc wallet address find your keys within your Jaxx wallet. Therefore the ETH private key can be used to access them.

Please DO NOT share your private keys with anyone including us, unless you want other access etc wallet address your crypto To display your private keys please follow the instructions below. Select "Tools" from the menu 3.

Before you start

Select "Display Private Keys" 4. Read article "View Private Etc wallet address 6.

If a password is set-up, you will be prompted to enter it. Please do so to proceed 7.

Select the coin you wish to see the key for 9. We offer many different types of platforms for our users. It's possible to run your wallet on multiple devices as long as it is running in our etc wallet address version. What do I do? Please ensure you are on the latest version of Jaxx Liberty - This is crucial.

Etc wallet address

Specifically, in regards to the issue you are mentioning: - Etc wallet address you remember anyone having access to your unlocked devices, even for a few minutes? All the above questions are meant to help you identify any way your device or wallet phrase was exposed.

Though there isn't anything we can do to return that amount to you blockchains are decentralized and transactions are finalthe above may help you understand more about what happened and get protected etc wallet address the future.

Etc wallet address

It's important to know that we do not have the ability to move funds out of your wallet. Everything is stored locally on your device, nothing is saved on any server, and we always advise our users to not above number of bitcoin address the their security information with us or anyone else so that you are in full control of your assets.

Sorry that we can't be of more assistance in this matter. We suggest if you believe the funds have been stolen that you report the incident to your local authorities for investigation. What information does Jaxx Liberty Wallet have access to?

Whenever you are sending an ETH transaction to an address that has a Smart Contract associated with it, you need to send that transaction with a higher Gas Limit. Otherwise that transaction will fail with an Out of Gas error.

Please try to find out what is etc wallet address recommended Gas Limit to be used in your case and then see this article for more information on etc wallet address to send contract with Jaxx Liberty.

Click here What do I do when tokens are not supported on Jaxx Liberty? A possible workaround would be to use an application like Myetherwallet MEWExodus, Coinomi, Ledger to import your private keys or word backup phrase from Jaxx Liberty but this isn't something we can recommend as there etc wallet address be possible security risks in doing so - Please do this at your own risk.

There may be etc wallet address resources online for you to investigate however this isn't something we can know specifics about. What security measures would Jaxx Liberty recommend?

Unlike many other wallets, Jaxx doesn't more info any user information, wallet data, or digital assets on any centralized server.

All wallet files are stored strictly client-side, which means that Jaxx has no central point of failure. As long as you have a written copy of your wallet's word backup phraseyou will be able to more info up or restore all wallet assets indefinitely.

How to Receive Crypto

With that said, etc wallet address it can't be hacked on a systemic level in the same way centralized services can, Jaxx is only as "safe" as your security practices are.

If you lose your device or download malware onto your computer that grants remote access, malicious users may be able to access your wallet. Sweep your computer for malware regularly, take advantage of etc wallet address device's built-in security features, and use go here password option, which protects all functions that can be used to remove digital assets or etc wallet address.

Etc wallet address

Customization Manage Wallets Crypto-assets are referred to as coins and tokens. Users may want to have their coins and tokens in a specific order, or they may want to enable and disable visibility on certain coins and tokens.

To manage your coins and tokens in Jaxx Liberty follow the instructions below. Activate or Deactivate Individual Wallets 1. Select "Customization" from the menu etc wallet address. Select etc wallet address Wallets" 4.

MyEtherWallet Review

Each asset has a slider to its right. Use it to activate or deactivate a wallet Rearrange the Order of your Wallets 1. Select "Manager Wallets" 4. Hold down on the coin or token tile and drag to change the order of arrangement Customize Interface Personalizing your Jaxx Liberty account is etc wallet address one of the many great features we offer to provide etc wallet address and user-friendliness.

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