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Example of withdrawal address

Full withdrawal address for XRP should be in form of the following example: r9HwsqBnAUN4nF6nDqxd4sgP8DrDnDcZP3?dt= Input: currency: cryptocurrency to. Altcoin news:⭐ Litecoin address example Claymore double de l'ethereum decred. Bitcoin exchange usd. How to withdraw bitcoin on a hard drive. Bitcoin​.

Email: privacycompliance libsyn. Personal Information — We collect personal contact information about Account Owner and, where relevant, alternate contacts for Technical and Billing contacts as described belowincluding without limitation name, organizational affiliation for Professional AccountsVAT id, mailing address, phone numbers, and email addresses.

Payment and Billing Information — We process payment information through a third-party service example of withdrawal address called a secure payment processor.

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We do example of withdrawal address example of withdrawal address, store or otherwise process your payment card information on our systems except for the limited, redacted information described below. Account Information — We collect certain how to get bitcoin address on gemini information about our Account Owners and other users with whom we may interact, including without limitation: user name, password, Podcast Distribution, podcast subscriptions under a given account, the email headers including IP address of messages that you choose to send example of withdrawal address us, and history of correspondence between you and Https://catalog-show.ru/address/litecoin-address-generator.html. Special Categories of Data — We do not collect or otherwise process any special categories of data as defined under the GDPR in a personally identifiable way, with one possible exception.

We may ask you to volunteer information that falls under the definition of special categories of data under the GDPR as part of our Surveys as specifically described below. How We Obtain Personal Data — We collect Example of withdrawal address Data from data subjects or from Account Example of withdrawal address through Libsyn websites, and other information you provide directly to us, including by email or in conversation with our staff.

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Subject always to your rights as set forth in Section 9 below: example of withdrawal address. Your login information is necessary to protect your vital interests as it enables you to secure your own Owner Account and establish your identity with Libsyn for purposes of transactions in the course of using our Podcast Services.

Your Account Information is necessary for the performance of Podcast Services as we use Account Information to contact you regarding your Owner Account, contact you regarding Podcast Services, issue notices and alerts about the status of the Podcast Services, billing, invoices, collections, etc.

We will use these alternate contacts to communicate about technical example of withdrawal address billing issues. Upon designation of alternate contacts, we will send an email to the newly designated contacts, using the designated email address for the contact in question, seeking confirmation of consent to be designated as a contact for the account in question as well as consents as may be required under this Transparency Statement.

Libsyn can access only expiration date, and the first and last 4 digits of your payment card account number.

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Generally, we may use Personal Data for our own administrative, accounting, and business needs including billing, invoicing, internal accounting and record-keeping requirements as well as other related administrative and business purposes. Certain processing is example of withdrawal address as necessary to complete a contract for services collecting payments, making payments for authorized transactions, payment for services rendered, etc.

In other instances, our processing of Personal Data as described in this paragraph is required for us to fulfill legal obligations to which we are subject e.

Payments to Owner Accounts — As part of the Podcast Services, we may collect money on your behalf and remit it to you via wire transfer. Support and Customer Service — When you contact us for technical support or customer service, we will process Personal Data that you example of withdrawal address at such time to associate you with the Podcast Services that is the subject of your request and the Owner Account that is associated with such Podcast Service.

Such Personal Data includes email address, name, account numbers, and email headers including IP address. Our processing of Personal Data as described in this Section is also in furtherance of legitimate interests, including without limitation management reporting, quality assurance, reviewing historical support issues and requests for support or customer service, and to verify identity.

We will process Personal Data in furtherance of this legitimate interest only when that is not overridden by your data protection rights under applicable law.

Surveys — From time to time we may invite you to participate in audience surveys. If you choose to participate, we will ask learn more here for demographic information including without limitation gender, age, marital status, race, ethnicity, education, household income, etc.

In order to avoid having the same person fill out more than one survey, we will also ask you for an email address. Example of withdrawal address we collect survey entries from listeners, example of withdrawal address aggregate the read more and share only that aggregated, demographic information with our content producers to enable them to example of withdrawal address understand their audience.

No personally identifiable information, and no individual survey entries, are ever shared with content producers. We do not collect, store or otherwise process login credentials example of withdrawal address you peronsal accounts on our systems.

The exception to this is WordPress OnPublish. This process requires that Libsyn store your username and encrypted password to authenticate with Example of withdrawal address for each post. Session Reporting for Service Continuity example of withdrawal address We process information related to your browser session to maintain service continuity when you log in.

This allows our system to maintain information about a series of requests from you i. Such information, reported by your browser when you log in includes Account Information, IP Address and User Agent and is stored temporarily to maintain your login session with the Libsyn Podcast Service.

As this information is used to provide continuity in use of the system when you are see more in, it is routinely cleared and not retained.

System Security and Data Privacy Protection — We monitor information on user activity within our system in order to protect the security of our systems and the privacy of our customers, for example, as an investigatory tool in case of a dispute or an unauthorized hack.

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We process this data because it is necessary to protect the vital interests of our customers, audience, users and read more visitors to our website. Additionally, we process this information to protect our legitimate interests of process improvement, system security and protecting our customers, audience, users and other visitors to our website in a manner that, given the limited nature of the data processed as described above, is not overridden by the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subjects.

Compliance with Legal Obligations — In addition to processing Personal Data for the example of withdrawal address of providing Podcast Services, we process Personal Data collected hereunder to comply with our own legal example of withdrawal address regulatory obligations.

Legitimate Interests — We may also use Personal Data collected hereunder in circumstances other than as expressly described above in connection with the services we provide; provided, however that any such additional processing may only occur when there is a legitimate interest to do so that is not overridden by your data protection rights as required by example of withdrawal address law.

We may also retain Personal Data for longer periods where there is a reasonable basis for retaining such data, including without limitation in connection with the example of withdrawal address, exercise or defense of legal claims.

We read article Podcast account information for a period of six 6 months after account closure due to an automated suspension process for nonpayment but credit card information is not retained by our third-party processor after account closure.

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Optional Data Processing. In addition to processing Personal Data in the ways source forth above for purposes related to the provision of Podcast Services, you may also choose to allow us to use certain Personal Data as detailed below.

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The types of data processing described in this Section dext coin address are not necessary or integral to article source performance of Podcast Services and we will not example of withdrawal address Personal Data for such optional purposes except as expressly set forth in this Section 6; a.

We may use your information to respond to your request. If you provide your personal information specifically to subscribe to a particular Update e. In other cases, we will specifically ask for your consent to use such information on an opt-in here provided, you acknowledge that where particular uses of opt-in information are necessary to our performance of https://catalog-show.ru/address/bitcointalk-dedicated-server.html Domain Name Services, we may not be able to continue performing the affected Podcast Service if you exercise your right to refuse, or later withdraw, your consent.

We will not sell, share, transfer, disclose, rent, use, or distribute Personal Data hereunder for purposes other than as set forth in this Transparency Statement unless required by law or as expressly authorized by a Data Controller as described above. Service Notices — We send service-related notices, alerts and other messages to the email address example of withdrawal address indicated in your Owner Account regarding account registration, account set up, billing and other service related communications using an email service provider called Postmark.

Privacy Example of withdrawal address Frameworks. We use your Personal Data to send example of withdrawal address such service-related messages as a necessary, and integral, part of our Domain Name Services. MailChimp is registered under the EU-U. Helpdesk — We use a service provider called Kayako to manage customer requests and customer service communications and send customer support example of withdrawal address customer service messages to the email address es example of withdrawal address in your Owner Account using the Kayako service.

We will process data with Kayako based on a data protection agreement in compliance with GDPR requirements.

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Payments to Account Owners — Wire transfer information you provide to enable wire transfer payments will read more stored with First Commonwealth Bank for storage in a secure repository.

Contextual Help — We offer and manage contextual help within the Libsyn user interface using tiox 280 third-party service provider called WalkMe.

WalkMe is registered under the EU-U. Premium subscribers who choose to opt-in to these lists have access to exclusive benefits such as Premium Podcast information, special offers and access to bonus materials.

Example of withdrawal address cases example of withdrawal address the podcast producer for the show to which the premium subscription applies wishes to obtain such lists of MyLibsyn Premium Podcast Subscribers, the parties will enter into appropriate data protection agreements example of withdrawal address compliance with the GDPR.

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Service Providers Consent — We may provide Podcast Services, or otherwise process Personal Data as detailed above, using third-party service providers we have retained to support us. Such service providers include, without limitation, those who example of withdrawal address us in providing information technology services, backing up of Personal Data, how example of withdrawal address find bitcoin wallet services, back office support, and other similar services.

These entities may be located inside, or outside, the European Economic Area. Example of withdrawal address take steps to require that such service providers protect Personal Data transferred to them in a manner that is consistent with this Privacy Policy.

The information shared with each is limited only to that information required for that entity to fulfil its role in assisting us with the performance of the actions described above.

Where we have knowledge that a service provider processes your Personal Data in a manner contrary to this Privacy Policy, we will take reasonable steps to prevent or stop such processing. Where applicable law bitcoin address with bc1 us to obtain your consent to use such example of withdrawal address party service providers, you acknowledge that refusal to provide your consent, or withdrawal of your consent, may affect or prevent our ability to provide Services, and https://catalog-show.ru/address/blockfi-pomp.html our engagement may need to be terminated for lack of such consent.

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Exigent Circumstances — In addition to the disclosures set forth above, we will disclose Personal Data about you: 1 if we are required to do so by law or legal process, 2 to law enforcement authorities, judiciary or other click here officials, 3 when we believe disclosure is necessary example of withdrawal address appropriate to prevent physical harm or financial loss in connection with an investigation of suspected or actual illegal activity; or 4 if necessary to protect click the following article vital interests of any person.

When applicable, we process Personal Data in the U. Otherwise, we process Personal Data in the U. For further information, including to obtain a copy of the applicable documents used to protect your information as set forth above, please contact us as described above.

Click to see more Rights and Options — If we receive a demand from you with respect to your rights of access or rectification, we will refer your demand to the applicable Data Controllers and assist such Data Controllers, to provide you, where appropriate, with access to your Personal Data and, as applicable, with the ability to review and correct inaccuracies, delete Personal Data that is no longer necessary or relevant, receive a copy of your Personal Data in a structured machine-readable format, and otherwise fulfill your demands on the Data Controller s this web page the extent based on the exercise of rights held by you under the GDPR.

Where we rely solely on your consent, you may withdraw it at any time; subject to the limitations and disclosures set forth above regard the effect such demands or withdrawals may have on our ability to continue providing the Podcast Services in the manner for which example of withdrawal address have been engaged.

You may also object to processing that is described above as being based on our legitimate interests alone. In such instances, our business interests must be found to be compelling and to not jeopardize your individual rights before further processing may continue.

In order to meet our obligations under applicable law, we may take reasonable steps to verify your identity before responding to demands as set forth in this Section 9.

Complaints, Concerns, Recourse — If you have unresolved concerns about the processing of your Personal Data, you may have the right to complain to a data protection authority where you example of withdrawal address, where you work or where you please click for example of withdrawal address there has been an infringement of data protection laws, all in accordance with, and subject to, applicable local law.

Tracking and Traffic Data. Traffic Data may include, without limitation, internet protocol address esoperating system s and browser specifics of your device, device characteristics, geographic geo-location information, user ID sclickstream data, and specifics regarding your interactions with i.

Traffic Data may also include your mobile device information e. These types of here do not generally identify or relate to you as an individual; however we may associate these types of information with you as an individual.

We do not expose or make this information available in any way to any third-parties including podcast producers that would identify individual listeners. We only provide podcast producers with aggregated statistics through the Libsyn website user interface.

For example, we would research an IP Address that accessed our systems in the case example of withdrawal address a suspected bot, rogue server or bad actor that may be affecting service delivery or performance.

It is discarded when the browser exits, when you log out of the website, or when you have not visited a page on the website for a given period example of withdrawal address time, for example 60 minutes.

Our website may use Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. Google may use the information collected for the purpose of enabling us to evaluate your use of our website, certain aspects of your user experience thereon, compiling reports on activity for us and providing other services relating to our website activity and internet usage.

Google will not associate your IP address with any other data held by Google. When you turn on DNT, the browser may send a signal or other message to web services requesting that they not track you.

At this time, our information example of withdrawal address practices will continue to apply as source in this Transparency Statement, regardless of any DNT signals that are sent by certain browsers or selected by you.

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