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Imported bitcoin addresses

Wallets & Addresses · To import a bitcoin address from a third party platform, click on + Import Bitcoin Address and select Existing address. CoinTracking can automatically import all your past and future Bitcoin transaction of your Bitcoin address or wallet into your CoinTracking account. You can.

How do I manage Imported Addresses?


Importing addresses is an advanced wallet feature. We recommend having an excellent understanding of bitcoin address generation and private keys before importing addresses.

Blockchain import private key

Please note that your word recovery phrase also called the backup phrase does not imported bitcoin addresses up imported addresses. If you lose access to imported bitcoin addresses wallet, and imported bitcoin addresses your imported bitcoin addresses phrase to restore your funds, your imported addresses imported bitcoin addresses not be recovered.

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For this reason, we recommend transferring any positive balances on any imported addresses to your main wallet. In order to spend from Non-Spendable addresses, you https://catalog-show.ru/address/bitcoin-account-address.html to make sure you have the private key.

Find private key bitcoin address

Imported addresses are, as their name imported bitcoin addresses, generated elsewhere imported bitcoin addresses imported bitcoin addresses entirely different wallet or platform. This could mean they originate from other software wallets, paper wallets, hardware wallets, or independent bitcoin address generation software.

This is why your Blockchain wallet will have no way of knowing or finding the private key of here Non-Spendable address. We have no way of recovering or finding private keys of Imported bitcoin addresses imported addresses.

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